Why Is It Important To Change Air Vent Filter?

The air vent filter is a really important element in your HVAC system and thus, needs to be given real attention. Usually, during air vent cleaning, it gets cleaned to some extent, but that is not it. Along with regular air filter cleaning during duct cleaning, you also need to change air vent filter regularly.

Top Reasons To Change Air Filters

There are many reasons to change the air filters and we will discuss some of them, which are the most important:

• It filters dust and bits of pollen. If the air filter is worn or damaged, it can get inefficient. Thus, it may circulate the bits of pollen and dust in the air of the house, even if you take care of the air conditioning vent cleaning regularly. It can affect the health of your family members and yours and cause respiratory diseases.
• Bad air filters can clog the filter. This will increase pressure on the fan of the HVAC system. It needs to work more. Thus, it will consume more power. It will further increase the electricity bill, which will result in a loss of money.
• Inefficient air filters can cause a fire in the house.
• Bad air filters will attract more dirt, dust, and pollen. This will make it dirtier quickly and create needs of more frequent air vent cleaning. If you use professional duct cleaning services and do not change the air filters if they are damaged, then it will result in an expensive affair.

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When is The Right Time To Change Air Filters?

Now, as you understand the importance of changing air filters as much as air conditioning vent cleaning, you must have a question that when you should change them.
The best approach recommended by duct cleaning experts is you should change them every month if you can. At least once in two months, you should change your air filters to avoid all aforementioned risks. If you do not live in a high pollen area, then you must follow the routine of changing it every month.

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How To Change An Air Filter?

It is advisable to take the help of duct cleaning experts to change the air filters as they are the masters in this job. Still, as this is needed monthly or once in two months, here is a stepwise guide you can follow to change air filters in your HVAC system:
• Turn off the HVAC system
• Locate the main unit, which circulates air in the house
• Locate the air filter slot in that unit and open it
• Remove the old air filter
• Place the new filter in a way that its arrow points towards the HAC system’s blower and ductwork.

That’s it!

It is recommended to call the professionals for air vent cleaning and replacing the air vent filter and see how they do this job. Take good care of your air filters to keep your HVAC efficient.

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