Top Tips to Safeguard Your House from Mould


Mould can make its way to the lungs and cause serious health issues if you inhale or swallow it. It can also get into eyes or open cuts, which can be dangerous. Some of the common health issues caused due to mould are listed below:

Common Health Issues Caused Due To Mould

  • Fatigue
  • Eye infection
  • Asthma
  • Nausea
  • Skin irritation
  • Dizziness
  • Allergy
  • Other respiratory issues

Mould can grow anywhere in your house and one of the areas where mould builds up commonly is air duct. It is general to find mould in the air ducts of your HVAC system. Thus, duct cleaning is necessary.

Below are a few tips to stop build up of mould in the air ducts:

Tips To Stop Build Up Of Mould In The Air Ducts

  • You must maintain the humidity level in between 30% to 60% in your house. You can use the AC or heater to maintain the same.
  • Your all rooms, which may have high-moisture, must have apt ventilations.
  • Open windows and/or doors regularly to get sunlight and fresh air to vaporize moisture.
  • Make sure your house does not have any leakage problem.
  • Use professional duct cleaning services to remove mould from air ducts.

When you are dealing with mould in the air ducts, follow the below-mentioned tips:

Tips To Remove Mould In The Air Ducts

  • Turn off the HVAC system and scrub the mould areas meticulously. Do not forget to put on safety goggles, mask, and gloves when you do this process.
  • Replace the air filters regularly.
  • Check the entire HVAC system for any leakage. All leakages need to be sealed.
  • Insulate air ducts to weaken compression within the ducts which also reduces mould in the air ducts.
  • Use dehumidifier to evaporate water. This will help you remove mould as well as stop its growth.
  • Use professional duct cleaning services to clean mould and other pollutants from the HVAC system.

Protected Yourself From Coronavirus By Getting Your Ducts Cleaned

If you want to try duct cleaning on your own, then you can use any duct cleaning solution available in the market. However, this chemical can be very dangerous. Thus, you must use safety precautions. Below are the steps for duct cleaning to remove mould:

  • Turn off the HVAC system completely.
  • Vacuum it with a cleaner.
  • Apply the mould cleaning solution to the mould in the air ducts.
  • Let it sit for some minutes to weaken mould.
  • Scrub the mould with a scrubber
  • Wipe it with a clean towel.

Please throw away all items, including, scrubber and towel which you used to clean the mould from your ducted system. If mould grows again faster, then you must call professionals duct cleaners to inspect and clean mould completely. They will also take the required actions to prevent mould to occur again. Take some tips from these experts to prevent mould in air ducts.

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