Protected Yourself From Coronavirus By Getting Your Ducts Cleaned

Coronavirus protection

Coronavirus is taking toll of thousands of lives all across the world. There is hardly any country in which countrymen have not lost their lives because of this lethal virus. Governments around the globe have started taking precautionary steps for Coronavirus protection and we also need to be cautioned for our health. There are multiple reasons behind the spread of COVID 19 and one of them can be sources of allergens and dirt which invite this deadly virus to your houses. You must get your house sanitised. Get everything thoroughly cleaned. One of the areas where allergens build up is your ducted system. Thus, duct cleaning becomes vital to combat this deadly virus. There are many people who have started taking the help of professional companies for duct cleaning in Melbourne and other cities in Australia as part of the Coronavirus protection movement.

If you want to perform duct cleaning in Melbourne by yourself, then here is a Do It Yourself (DIY) guide for the same.

DIY Duct Cleaning Guideline For Coronavirus Protection

  • Your safety is very much important. Thus, the first step is put on gloves and masks for Coronavirus protection.

  • Turn off all the switches connected to the ducted system as soon as you start the duct cleaning process.

  • Remove duct covers by unscrewing them.

  • Take a brush and start cleaning the covers. In case, there are dirt spots, use a soapy solution made of soap and lukewarm water to clean them.

  • Take a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner for duct cleaning. Please keep in mind that your domestic vacuum cleaner is not sufficient to vacuum clean your ducted system. You need to buy or rent a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.

  • Unscrew the overhead grills to clean them. If you have not performed cleaning for long, then there will be piles of dust, dirt, and debris in these areas. In this case, make sure to have perfect dust and Coronavirus protection by keeping mask and gloves tight. Vacuum the grills with a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.

  • Screw all the covers back and you are done.

This DIY guide of duct cleaning will clean your air ducted system. It will purify the air, which will flow into the house.

Even after this cleaning process, if you sense dust in the air or find any respiratory issues, then you better call a professional company for duct cleaning in Melbourne.

Coronavirus is pandemic and that is why it is necessary to take all steps of precaution. Of course, at the moment, it is not possible to get 100% Coronavirus protection. However, it is necessary to do whatever is in our control to avoid the risk of this deadly virus. Keeping the house clean and sanitized will reduce the risk at a certain level. Moreover, follow the instructions given by the World Health Organization (WHO) and do not panic.

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