Professional Air Duct Cleaning Explained In 8 Steps

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Air duct cleaning process is a complicated process and should be left to professionals. There are some important steps and instructions to be followed which requires proficiency. Failure to clean all components of the system can result in re-contamination of the entire system, thus reducing the benefits of cleaning. In this article, we will understand the complete step by step duct cleaning procedure.

8 Air Duct Cleaning Process Explained

1. Inspection

The preliminary inspection of the furnace and the duct system is done by the technician. A best possible route to run a large vacuum hose from the truck mounted vacuum equipment to the furnace is determined by the technician.

2. Vacuum Hose

The technician attaches a vacuum hose directly into the main duct system through the access opening which is prepared. While the system is sealed off between hot and cold air, all air vents are then covered to maximize the vacuum effectiveness.

3. Air Pressure

All the air vents are cleaned using 250 psi of compressed air while the duct system is under suction. Special protective equipment is necessary to carry out this air duct cleaning procedure. The technician uses safety glasses, hearing protection, and a dust mask for safety.

4. Return Vent Cleaning

After all heating vents are cleaned, the vacuum hose is turned over to return air duct. Now, all return air vents and grills are cleaned. The technician starts with the furthest air vent and works his way back to the basement.

5. Cleaning Connecting Pipes

After cleaning the air vents properly, a combination of air whips, reverse air nozzle, and special air guns are used starting at the end of the duct system. Using this method, all the debris in the air vents or connecting pipes are cleaned out of the main ducts.

6. Whip Air Duct Cleaning

Air whips or Scorpion rods are inserted into the duct wall using small 1” openings which are created in specific locations throughout the duct system. This device beats around the inner surface of the duct system loosening the dirt from all the surfaces inside the duct. An air snake is then used to blow all the remaining dirt including the heavy objects towards the vacuum hose.

7. Cleaning Air Handling Systems

The next step in the duct cleaning process includes the cleaning of air handling systems. This includes the furnace fan, furnace filter, air conditioning coil as well as plenums and compartments. After this, all access opening is sealed and the furnace is run through a test cycle.

8. Finishing Touch

Hoses are returned to the truck and all the windows and entry points into the home are secured. Finishing touches are given by wiping down the furnace and doors, re-installing the filters the complete inspection of the complete operating system again. The work area is thoroughly cleaned by the technician.

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