Is Dry Duct Cleaning Really Necessary In Melbourne Weather?

Dry Duct Cleaning

We get questions related the importance of duct cleaning quite often, and our answer always remains the same. Yes, DIY dry duct cleaning techniques can give you the mental satisfaction of having cleaned your HVAC systems, but that does not include night deep cleaning of the entire ductwork, and making them function as good as new.

Since every electric dryer has to have an outlet on the outside through which it expels warm, moist air for it to function well. This air to be blown outside is usually loaded with lint, and if you don’t vent it outside, it can cause a lot of problems.

Here are all reasons that will explain to you the importance of dry duct cleaning.

Importance of Dryer Duct Cleaning

1. Prevent Disasters

According to the reports by the U.S. Fire Administration, 2,900 clothes dryer fires are reported every year. Every year causing approximately 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property asset losses. The leading cause of these dryer fires is the failure to properly clean them.

2. Keeps The Dryer Efficient

Do you realise the amount of time your dryer works, it works around the clock to keep the ventilation of your house good and running? The fan working around the clock collects a lot of dust and lint, this may affect the overall efficiency of the vents and many also drastically increase the risk of fires.

3. Prevents Damage

Professional dryer ductwork services can help prevent damage to the HVAC system big time. Professional cleaning not only makes the HVAC system more efficient, but it also helps protect its components to suffer from damage due to the collected dust and other particles. Even a little amount of dust over motors or refrigerant coil in an AC can lead to severe malfunctions.

4. Makes Air Healthier

Regular duct cleaning helps to keep the air inside your homes healthy and fresh. An average six-room home circulates 20 kgs of dust through the HVAC system annually. Much of the dust gets collected inside the ductwork. This can easily contaminate air, something which is especially dangerous for the people in a home with allergies and asthma. Professional ductwork cleaners can remove this massive source of air pollution and help you create a healthier space.

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