Is Air Duct Cleaning a Waste of Your Money?

Air Duct Cleaning

These days duct cleaning has become popular to clean the ducts at your home. There are various health benefits of air duct cleaning as well. Ducts are cleaned by forcing components in various cooling and heating systems. Air ducts should be cleaned properly to avoid an increase in dust particles at your home. One should always keep in mind that dirty air ducts become the home for the pollutants and it also becomes a source for particles to enter the house.

We can see various commercials cleaning services everywhere which can provide guaranteed results. There is numerous misleading information about duct cleaning everywhere. Some people believe duct cleaning doesn’t keep their health problems at bay. You try to look it up on the internet and find totally different answers than you expected. The most common answer is that it is a waste of money if you choose a wrong company. Here is a list of some information to help you decide which company to choose and avoid cleaning your ducts:

What Companies Make Air Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?

We daily receive brochures and pamphlets which promise us to give 99% and customers get trapped into the scams. Make sure to look up for duct cleaning Melbourne to find various cleaning companies near you. You might have also received a flyer in the mail advertising which makes false advertisements. Such companies give out a bad impression to the customers about the entire duct cleaning industry. These companies do not have proper cleaning techniques and they try to falsely promise in providing you duct cleaning facility for $99. Such fraud companies are known for bait-and-switch advertisements. As soon as they arrive at your place for cleaning, they will only clean ten to twelve ducts for the amount of $99. Later on, they bait you and charge more money for cleaning the rest of the ducts.

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What Companies Don’t Make Air Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?

There are various hard-working industries that are transparent with their customers. You can find various air duct cleaning services at budget-friendly rates. Such companies follow the duct cleaning procedures of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. The NADCA has set higher standards and has greater techniques for HVAC cleaning. Sadly, there is no government authority to keep a check on bait and switch scams in such industries. So the customers should find only NADCA approved companies for cleaning ducts. These industries use high-pressured air whips as well as negative air pressure to clean each and every corner of the ducts which goes down to the main trunk line. This method is very fruitful and gives guarantees results.

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