How to Remove Lingering Cigarette Odour from House?

Getting rid of cigarette odour is necessary; not only to have a good ambience but also to avoid health risks. Breathing air with cigarette smoke can be injurious to health. In this article, we will share the top tips to remove lingering cigarette smell effectively.

1. Avoid Cigarette Smoke Build-up

• The best option is to save efforts and money from air duct cleaning to eliminate odour is to do not build up cigarette smoke in the house.
• Your HVAC system circulates the same air in the house. Therefore, it can retain smoke smell for months if you don’t invest in professional duct cleaning in Melbourne.
• Avoid smoking in the house.
• Use HEPA filter and put the charcoal container in each room if you smoke in the home.

2. Duct Cleaning and Basic Steps

• DIY duct cleaning in Melbourne can reduce or remove the smoke smell for the time being.
• Open all windows and doors to increase ventilation. This will get fresh air in the house and remove odour to a possible extent.
• For better air circulation open the air ducts.
• Regularly replace air filters of the ducted system.
• Use a DIY hack for air duct cleaning.

3. Avoid Masking the Cigarette Odour

• It is not a permanent solution, so better avoid it.
• If your house has any kind of odour, including, but not limited to, cigarette smell, the best option is getting rid of it than masking it.
• Avoid using scented candles or room freshener as it cannot remove the odour similar to duct cleaning in Melbourne. It can just temporarily remove its effect.

4. Book a Professional Duct Cleaning Service

• Ventilation and DIY hack for air duct cleaning may remove the cigarette smoke odour, but still, it is necessary to use a professional service from the experts.
• Sometimes, it appears the smell of cigarette smoke has disappeared, but it is still there because cigarette smoke can linger on walls, clothes, and even skin. Unclean HVAC can be a ground of odour. You can remove the cigarette smoke completely only if you call the professionals in duct cleaning in Melbourne.
• The professionals usually have the best tools that can thoroughly clean vents, ducts, and other parts of HVAC more efficiently.
• The professional air duct cleaning will not just remove the cigarette smoke odour for some time by cleaning the surface, but it will eliminate it completely with thorough HVAC system cleaning.

5. Use Duct Cleaning Service from an Experienced Company

• Many companies provide duct cleaning in Melbourne, but not all of them have experience in removing the odour of cigarette smoke.
• Before hiring any company based on cost or similar factor, you must make sure you crosscheck whether they have experience with similar work or not.
• Cigarette smoke smell is very strong and often difficult to remove completely with simple air duct cleaning. It makes it necessary to call only experts to get effective results.

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