How to Combat COVID 19 with Air Duct Sanitizing?


The duct is used in air conditioning, ventilation, and heating. It is part of almost every house and responsible for the flowing air which people feel and breathe. The duct can accumulate dirt, dust, debris, mildew, mould, and other pollutants. Sometimes, it provides a perfect environment for mites and viruses to live.

The world novel Coronavirus is not new to anyone. It has taken off many lives around the world. There is no vaccine available to prevent the COVID 19 infection. Moreover, there is also no proven medication available which guarantee the cure. Thus, the only way left to stay safe is to stay away from it. It is necessary to take preventive steps to not get infected by the Coronavirus.

As everyone knows, a dirty duct can become a house of viruses and we cannot ignore the existence of the Coronavirus here. This virus is new and nobody has accurate information about it. Thus, it is essential to take all possible safety steps to stay away from getting infected by it.

Air duct sanitizing is vital to eliminate its possibility in the house as mere duct cleaning would not be enough.

How Air Duct Sanitizing Help You Combat COVID 19?

We never know who or what is the carrier of this fatal virus. If somehow it has made its way to the vent or ducted system, it can make its way to the human body as well. Thus, it is necessary to disinfect air ducts. Here are the top ways which show how duct sanitizing help in combating the Coronavirus:

  • Unlike duct cleaning, which only removes dust and debris from the ducted system, the air duct sanitizing process includes spraying disinfectant in the duct.
  • This process kills all viruses, bacteria, mildew, and mould from the ducted system and vents. The Coronavirus also cannot survive.
  • The professional duct sanitizing process will also prevent the growth of viruses, fungus, mildew, and bacteria for almost six months.
  • It will also deodorize the duct for fresh air transmission.

Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

The Coronavirus can live on different surfaces and it can live in the duct system as well. There is no clear evidence of its transmission in the air yet. However, we cannot ignore the fact shared by different scientists that this virus changes its characteristics to survive. We also cannot neglect the fact that if somehow it has made its way to the ducted HVAC system, then someone may touch it and get infected.

Air Duct Sanitization can remove any possibility of letting the Coronavirus live in the house and infect a family member because of the ducted system. Thus, similar to the necessity of disinfecting other household items, it is also necessary to disinfect and sanitize the air duct system with professional duct sanitizing.

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