How Mould in HVAC Can Hamper Health?

For good health, eating good food, drinking good water, and breathing good air is necessary. Your HVAC system circulates air throughout the house. In many cases, if air duct cleaning is not taken seriously, the ducted system builds up mould. In this case, the air circulating in the house is moulded air and you are breathing moulded air.

How Does Mould in the HVAC System Hampers Health?

  • Regular duct cleaning in Melbourne can keep your ducted system clean and well maintained.
  • If the HVAC is not clean, it can build up mould and circulate mould spores in the air. This can become airborne.
  • Humans and pets breathe in mould spores.
  • The mould in HVAC can be a type of fungus and can cause mild to severe health issues.
  • Some of the common health problems that people face by breathing in mould in the air are allergies such as red eyes, itching, running nose, headache, body pain, throat irritation, etc.
  • The severe health issues caused by mouldy air are asthma, ARDS, breathing issues, etc.
  • If someone already has Asthma or any other respiratory issues, then mouldy air can cause severe attacks.

How Can You Identify if Your Ducted System has Mould or Not?

  • If you are experiencing some weird smell or odour in your house, then it can be because of mould growth in dirty HVAC that needs duct cleaning in Melbourne.
  • If you or your family members feel sick for no reason, then it can be because of mould spores you or your family members are breathing in.
  • If you have not got professional air duct cleaning for long, then it is likely that your HVAC system has built up mould.

How to Prevent Mould?

HVAC system gives a perfect environment to mould to grow because your ducted system will have moisture and humidity. Therefore, it is difficult to prevent mould growths completely. However, with regular duct cleaning in Melbourne and following some other steps shared in this blog post, you can prevent its growth.

Here are the major steps that are recommended by the air duct cleaning experts. Following these steps can help you prevent mould growth in the HVAC system:

  • Keep your ducted system well maintained. It should not have any leakage or damage else it can accumulate dirt, dust, and grime. This can become the cause of bad health. It can also increase mould growth.
  • The kitchen, laundry, and similar parts of the house can increase humidity. This can become a reason for mould growth. Therefore, the best option would be to have an exhaust fan, windows, doors, etc. to keep these rooms well ventilated.
  • Getting professional air duct cleaning in Melbourne at a regular interval is also necessary. The professionals will have tools that can clean the HVAC system thoroughly and also prevent mould growth.


Keep your HVAC system clean and well maintained to prevent mould growth and health issues. Air duct cleaning at a regular interval can help you prevent infestation of mould or any other pollutants in the ducted system.

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