Different Types of Air Ducts System

duct often plays an important role in any house or building. It circulates air in a house and it exhaust air outside the house. It also keeps the house warm or cold as per the weather to give a cosy feeling to the people reside in. All air duct systems may look similar, but they are different. Knowing types of air duct is necessary. Knowledge of it helps you choose the right one and also apply the right duct cleaning methods if you are cleaning it at home.

In this article, you will learn about the four major types of air duct systems:

Fibreboard Air Ducts

It is made of inorganic glass fibres, which are tied with compressed resin boards. The interior of this type of air duct gets sealed to make sure fibres of the fibreglass do not enter the airflow. It is affordable for anyone. Also, it provides thermal and acoustical advantages.

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Fibreglass Lined Air Ducts

This type of air duct system comes with an internal or external fibreglass duct liner, which gets lined with some sheet metal air ducts. As it has fibreglass lining, it is called fibreglass lined air ducts. It prevents the too hot or too cold temperature in the house by insulating air ducts from heat loss. It also reduced noise with sound attenuation.

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Flexible Air Ducts

It is built with a spiral steel cable coil encapsulated in a two-ply polymer plastic. It is easy to install as it is very lightweight as well as available at affordable rates. Thus, it is called flexible air ducts. Moreover, regular duct cleaning of this type of ducted system is easier. Of course, it cannot replace the professional services, but you can take care of lightweight cleaning to save some more money on professional duct cleaning Melbourne services. While purchasing this air duct system, make sure you keep the flexible duct length as short as possible. Furthermore, make sure you invest in the professional cleaning of this type of ducted system as well.

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Sheet Metal Air Ducts

It is one of the most commonly used duct systems. It gets built with galvanized aluminium or steel. That can be in a form of rectangular, spiral, or round. They are least likely to have biological or mould growth in it, which reduces the frequency of professional rounds of duct cleaning.

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Each duct is different and has different features to offer. However, one thing is common with all of them: they need to be cleaned and well-maintained to assure it circulates quality air in the house.

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