How to Clean Air Ventilation Ducts Yourself

How to Clean Air Ventilation Ducts Yourself 23 Feb

It is common knowledge that to get fresh air into your room, not to forget a slash in the electricity bill, it is essential that you clean air ventilation ducts. Heating system with cleaner ducts runs longer, providing your family with cleaner air. For people suffering from allergies this is a positive point.

Duct systems differ ranging from attic to the underground. But the duct cleaning procedure is more or less the same. If you follow the guidelines discussed here, you will be able to clean up yourself. So, let’s begin.

DIY Clean Air Ventilation Ducts

1. Cover Supply Register 

Cover Supply Register – use paper towels to cover openings that supply heated air into rooms. This way, as you work on the ducts, you won’t have to bother about dust drifting into the room.

2. Turn The Fan On

Turn the fan on – fan moves the dust as you loosen the dirt. You only need to run the fan, and options like heat/cool are not required here. So simply put the thermostat to fan on.

3. Filter

Filter – the filter needs to be in right place preventing dust entering into the fan motor.

4. Dusts In Ducts

Dusts in ducts – any dust build-up in the ductwork needs to be cleared. Tap the basement ductwork using the handle of your brush. Break any dust deposit this way.

5. Supply Register

Supply register – now start cleaning the supply register. Use vacuum to catch any dust that is being pushed by the fan. Sweep the inside of the register’s pipe as deep as possible using the hose. Brush off any built up dust on the register.

6. Return Register

Return RegisterReturn register – Now it is the turn of return air register. Remove the screws from the panel and brush the pipe as much as possible. Cover all registers to prevent dust from going through the house while the fan is on.

7. Devoid Of Fan 

Devoid Of Fan – Shut off the fan of the thermostat and put the power off. Switch off the service switch and not only the thermostat.

8. Air Boot Returning

Air Boot Returning – Return air boot after cleaning the blower compartment first. Use vacuum to clean the dust accumulated there. Generally dust is found in the blower compartment. Do not forget to clean the furnace fan.

Now that you are almost done, you can check the filter and if required replace it with a new one. A new one will cut down the dirt considerably. You may put cheesecloth on your vents to cut dust but don’t forget to replace it at regular intervals. Also, make sure that they are not restricting air flow. Sometimes air entering can have awful smell. It may be due to bad heat exchanger. Check the heat exchanger in that case. Do not forget to clean the furnace annually. The ducts you can clean less regularly. But again, that depends on the people you have in your home.

If this sounds tiresome, then you can always seek professional help. There are professionals for Duct Cleaning Melbourne and they would be happy to help you. Yes, with them now get ease with all duct cleaning services.


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