How To Choose A Duct Cleaning Service?

duct cleaning service

Your HVAC system can easily collect unhygienic things such as pet hair, dust, debris, fungi and other allergens. Thus, regular duct cleaning services from a professional duct cleaning company become necessary. The duct cleaning company will clean complete cooling and heating system with a predefined procedure. To assure the best duct cleaning services, you must hire a company that has required skills, expertise and qualification to perform the job. A naïve ductwork cleaner can damage the system.

Step-wise Guide To Find The Best Duct Cleaning Company

1. Find About Top Duct Cleaning Companies In Your Area

You can use one of the following options to find the best duct cleaning company:

  1. Ask your friends, colleagues, family, and neighbors for recommendations
  2. Use the internet to find good duct cleaning companies

This will give you a list of Duct Cleaning Service companies in your area.

2. Research About The Companies

You can use one of the following alternatives to collect information about the duct cleaning company you are considering:

  1. Visit its website to see its service and other related details.
  2. Review testimonials, comments, ratings received by the company for its duct cleaning services
  3. Call the company and ask specific questions. For example, if you want ducted heating cleaning service ask their experience about it. Also, collect references of its previous clients to verify their quality of service.

Make sure the company you are considering has required qualification and knowledge. If the duct cleaning company is new, look for the experience of the technicians who will perform heated duct cleaning job. Also, the company must have more than 70% of positive ratings and satisfied clients.

3. Verify If The Company Has Required License and/or Certification

According to your country’s legislation, the duct cleaning company must hold required license and certification. One of the most credible certificates to look for is National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) certificate. The duct cleaning companies holding NADCA certification are well trained by the experts. The NADCA train following steps to a technician for effective duct cleaning services:

  • Safe evaluation
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Restoring HVAC system

You can contact NADCA to verify the position of the company. Below are the contact details of


Call: (856) 380-6810


4. Inquire About The Insurance

You need to inquire the duct cleaning company to see if they have insurance or not. This helps to get reimbursement in case of any possible damage to your HVAC system or home during duct cleaning service process.

5. Verify What Type Of Cleaners They Will Use

You have to assure the cleaners the duct cleaning company will use during the ducted heating cleaning process. It is good to choose the company which doesn’t use chemicals or bio-acid.

6. Collect and Compare Prices

Get the price of each duct cleaning company you are considering to hire for duct cleaning services and fits in above-mentioned criteria. Make sure to verify the rates and how the company is charging it. Is it per hour or per job? Compare the rates and choose the one which has good standing and the rates fit in your budget. Don’t fall for cheap services.

These are the top 6 steps you must follow to choose the best duct cleaning company to get the best duct cleaning services. We also provide on-site Carpet Cleaning Melbourne book appointment now.

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