Why Apartment Duct Cleaning Melbourne is Crucial

Generally, in an apartment or a building, a single duct vent is placed. All houses share this single vent. This vent makes a way out for all grime, dust, debris, and waste out of the building. As there is a single vent in the apartment, it usually gets clogged more often. This increases the demand […]


How to Combat COVID 19 with Air Duct Sanitizing?

The duct is used in air conditioning, ventilation, and heating. It is part of almost every house and responsible for the flowing air which people feel and breathe. The duct can accumulate dirt, dust, debris, mildew, mould, and other pollutants. Sometimes, it provides a perfect environment for mites and viruses to live. The world novel […]


Top Tips to Safeguard Your House from Mould

Mould can make its way to the lungs and cause serious health issues if you inhale or swallow it. It can also get into eyes or open cuts, which can be dangerous. Some of the common health issues caused due to mould are listed below: Common Health Issues Caused Due To Mould Fatigue Eye infection […]


Protected Yourself From Coronavirus By Getting Your Ducts Cleaned

Coronavirus is taking toll of thousands of lives all across the world. There is hardly any country in which countrymen have not lost their lives because of this lethal virus. Governments around the globe have started taking precautionary steps for Coronavirus protection and we also need to be cautioned for our health. There are multiple […]


Why is it Essential to Clean the Kitchen Duct

Duct cleaning has to be performed on a regular basis to keep the HVAC system efficient and keep power consumption and ultimately the electricity bill in control. However, kitchen duct cleaning is a necessity. It has to be done more frequently. Kitchen duct hoards extraction of grease and oil in the duct system over time. […]


Why Should I Choose A NADCA Member To Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Almost everyone uses HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems. The HVAC system keeps the house warm in the cold months and cool in the warm months. Along with the function of keeping temperature perfect, it also circulates air in the house. The HVAC system accumulates dirt, debris, dust, fungus, hair, and other impurities in […]


Will Ducted Heating Cleaning Make House Smell Better?

Have you experienced that weird, stinking odour in your house? And you are just not sure where the source of this odour is? Well, the answer is, it can be your HVAC system. There can be many reasons which make your ducted system dirty. The dirt, mould and other stuck particles in the ducted system […]


How to Prevent Dryer Vent Fires?

As per the National Fire Protection Association, every year on an average, dryer vent fire hazard causes property damage worth $35 million. Every year, almost 100 injuries, 5 deaths, and 2900 home fires are caused just because of dryer vent fires. Thus, dryer vent cleaning must be on the top list for anyone to keep […]


When Is The Right Time To Replace The HVAC System?

It doesn’t matter how well maintained your HVAC system is, you are going to have to replace it at some point in time. One of the biggest investments which we can make for our homes is by purchasing the best HVAC system. Usually, an old or even a damaged HVAC system results in certain issues […]


Is Dry Duct Cleaning Really Necessary In Melbourne Weather?

We get questions related the importance of duct cleaning quite often, and our answer always remains the same. Yes, DIY dry duct cleaning techniques can give you the mental satisfaction of having cleaned your HVAC systems, but that does not include night deep cleaning of the entire ductwork, and making them function as good as […]

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