Are Unclean Air Ducts Responsible for Lung Infection?

We all are aware of different diseases related to lung infection such as bronchitis, flu, COVID 19, cold, etc. A famous proverb says, “Precaution is better than cure”. Therefore, it is good to know what can cause lung infection and how to take preventive steps.

Air duct cleaning to keep the air ducts of the HVAC system clean can help reduce the risk of lung infection. Let us share how in this article.

1. Irritant Builds Up in the Ducts

  • Pet dander, smoke tobacco, mould, hair, etc. are known irritants.
  • Breathing these irritants can become the primary reason for a lung infection.
  • If you do not invest in professional duct cleaning in Melbourne or any other city at a regular interval, these irritants are likely to stay in the air and move from one room to another through your HVAC system.
  • This irritant can not only cause breathing issue but also likely to exacerbate lung infection.
  • Regular air duct cleaning in Melbourne or any other city is necessary.

2. Gunk

  • The existence of gunk or any other allergens can be injurious to health if you do not take regular duct cleaning in Melbourne
  • The gunk and similar substances can inflame the sinus.
  • This can cause dry sinuses.
  • This causes frequent seasonal health issues such as flu, cold, etc.
  • Professional air duct cleaning with the right tools can clean gunk and similar allergens from the air duct.
  • This makes sure the air circulates via the HVAC system in your house is clean and free from allergens.
  • This will reduce the health issues of dry sinus, cold, flu, etc.
  • If your family members frequently get sick or face issues related to dry sinus or seasonal flu, you must take a look at the date last you had cleaned air ducts.

3. Allergens

  • The development of different allergens like mould, bacteria, viruses, and micro-organisms is common in dirty air ducts.
  • This can pollute the air in the house and cause allergies along with lung infections.
  • The best advice given by professionals is, do not to wait until the lungs get infected. Keep getting your air duct system clean with the best air duct cleaning

4. Viruses

  • Viruses like COVID 19 can also survive in the dirty air duct.
  • Still, there are no clear evidence or studies, which say that dirty air duct can be the cause of the COVID 19.
  • However, WHO had mentioned that closed rooms can increase the spread of COVID. Also, one report supported the fact of airborne transmission.
  • All these facts indicate sanity of everything is important.
  • Regular duct cleaning in Melbourne by professionals can make sure that at least your ducted system is hygienic.

Lung infection is one of the diseases a dirty ducted system can cause. To keep your family safe regular air duct cleaning is necessary.

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