7 Step to Combat Carbon Monoxide Concentrations in Air Ducts

Carbon Monoxide Concentration

The rapid growth of vehicle use and industries started emitting more pollutants everywhere. One of the most poisonous byproducts of increasing industries and vehicles is the increased carbon monoxide concentration.

This poisonous concentration of CO (Carbon Monoxide) also gets produced in the house and accumulated in your ducted system. Your fireplace and kitchen are the most typical sources of CO. It makes its way into the air ducted system and keeps flowing CO concentrated air throughout your house without getting noticed as it is colourless. You can only feel its effect when you or your family members get sick. It can cause respiratory diseases and also seriously damage the lungs.

The only way to get rid of it is duct cleaning. If you can invest in professional air duct cleaning, it would be even better.

You can also take some precautionary steps to avoid carbon monoxide concentration in the air ducted system. Here are some steps to follow:

7 Step to Combat Carbon Monoxide Concentration in Air Ducts

1. Avoid Charcoal Burning

Burning charcoal can produce CO heavily. Thus, avoid charcoal burning at the possible extent. If you arrange a barbeque party, never keep the barbeque inside the rooms as it will produce CO and CO will make its way to the ducted system. The best places to keep barbeques are a terrace, gardens, and other open places.

2. Regular Vehicle Servicing

Cultivate the habit of regular vehicle servicing and testing. Your technician must test the power function and generation of CO and fix it.

3. Do Not Keep The Vehicle Ignited

In the house parking, do not keep the vehicle ignited for a long time. Do not excessively rev the vehicle while inside the parking or moving vehicle out of the garage.

4. Professional Testing

Professional testing of fuel-burning appliances in the house is necessary. Testing them for CO emission and malfunctioning and taking preventive steps is advisable.

5. Perform Air Duct Cleaning Regularly

Perform air duct cleaning regularly. Regular cleaning will also clean the concentration of CO and make sure to flow the pure air in the house. Regular vacuum cleaning of the air duct system can be sufficient. Moreover, using professional duct cleaning is further recommended by experts.

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6. Get CO Buildup Alarms

There are CO buildup alarms available in the market. You can get them installed in the house. These alarms give alerts even when you are not in the house if carbon monoxide is detected in the house.

7. CO Detection Kits

Similar to the CO alarms, there are also high-quality detection kits available to detect carbon monoxide traces in the house. Even a modest trace of CO can be detected by this detection kit. You can get it installed in the house.

These are the top tips you can keep in mind to reduce CO emission and concentration as well as to remove its traces from your house. The major source of concentration of CO is your air ducted system. Thus, regular duct cleaning has to be part of your routine. Moreover, do not take professional ducted system cleaning service as an option. Use that on a regular interval suggested by your air duct cleaning company.

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