5 Steps To Clean a Dryer Vent At Home

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Cleaning a dryer vent is no hard thing, yet it is such a thing which people barely bring into consideration. A proper dryer vent cleaning is good from time to time. For the reason it is hidden away, people tend to ignore it and barely bring it to attention. If you don’t clean your dryer vent from time to time, then possibly you don’t know the need and importance of dryer vent cleaning. Let us tell you.

Primarily, the dryer vents which are in our homes are bound to become clogged with lint along with debris and dust. Such kind of vents pose a greater risk for any kind of fire hazard and are considered fatal in the long run. No more emphasis on the fact, but you need to know that you need a proper dryer vent cleaning because you don’t want any kind of fire incident in your homes or anywhere else.

However, if you are quite unsure about the proper ways of dryer vent duct cleaning, here are some of the finest tips which you could put in use the next time when you clean a dryer vent.

Here is an easy step by step method you can use to clean the dryer vent.

How Do You Clean a Dryer Vent Like a Pro?

Step 1: Start with Disassembling

Don’t be harsh to your dryer. Just pull it out gently and unplug the electricity and shut off the gas too. Open the door of your dryer vent and grip it inside with both your hands and pull it out gently. If you are not able to find the shutoff valve for the gas or if your dryer just doesn’t have one, contact your gas company and ask them to help you out. Doing it on your own might pose risks to your safety.

Step 2: Clean the Dryer Hose

Now after you have detached the dryer, clean the house and if any kind of grease or dust is there, just use a soft cloth to wipe it all. If you can’t reach the tight corners of the dryer vent house, you can even use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose. If that is not comfortable for you, you can even use the cleaning brushes for cleaning the hose.

Step 3: Wash The Area Behind The Dryer

If you keep the area behind the dryer clean, you are going to prevent any kind of fire hazards in your house. Now since you are bound to clean different parts of the dryer vent, make sure to wash the area behind the dryer as well. When you are washing the floor as well as the wall near the floor dryer vent, just use a small amount of soap because the residue of soap attracts lint. It creates a mess, such a mess which you don’t want at all.

Step 4: Clean The Vent Tube

Now, make sure the vent tube which leads outside is cleaned too. It might go into the basement or across the span of your home. You can use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose too.

Step 5: Clean The Exterior Vent

For this purpose, you are in need of a vent cleaning brush and if that is not possible for you, you can use your hands for this or even a duster. Just get rid of the lint or debris anyway.

That’s it for you. You can now reattach the door of the vent and turn on the gas supply to make it work properly.
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